NutriFit was created about people who do not eat refined flour and sugars, to fulfill their cravings without neglecting their diet.

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The sinless craving you have always waiting for

Our Mission

Is to fulfill your cravings without
neglecting your health, being able to enjoy a healthy and different dessert
without regretting it, and without having to worry about calories.


 Nutrifit is created by Carolina Salazar.
After becoming a mother of two, I decided to change my diet and the way I treat my family's health, and began to do my research about nutrition. Soon taking courses to learn more about the benefits and value of a healthy diet, and the passion for sport. I still felt the desire to consume dessert without having to bake it by myself, while wanting to avoid desserts that are available at the grocery store. These desserts are saturated in calories, sugars, and low in nutrients.